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"Advice is always very focused and commercial."

Joint Managing Partner, Boutique Law firm

Associate, placed into top-tier US law firm in London.

"an incredible amount of knowledge regarding issues surrounding the legal market, domestically and internationally.", "differs from many recruiters because they are honest and candid, creating a plan that aligns career ambitions with the opportunities available."

Senior Partner, boutique law firm

"Kudos. One of the most painless retained searches we've had."

Managing Director, Global Fund

"Their team has been absolutely critical to executing our strategy in Europe. They are responsive, dynamic, understand us, and, importantly, deliver the goods time and time again."

Litigator, Elite boutique firm

"I was enormously impressed by Akshay’s detailed knowledge of the industry and my practice area, his number of contacts and the insight of the strategic advice he shared. Akshay led the entire process brilliantly, right from the initial discussions with my firm to negotiating terms, and I had confidence throughout that I was in safe hands."

Head of Venture Capital, International firm

"built us a pipeline of candidates in an area that is generally a slog to hire in."

Head of Attorney Recruitment, US law firm 

"partners over the moon with [candidate]! We were surprised with how quickly you were able to take this from a concept to a hire, so thank you from all of us."

Senior, Capital Markets, West Coast US firm

"thoroughly professional, affable, and a pleasure to work with" , "I really believe I have made a significant step in my career and that is in no small part down to Akshay."

Senior Investment Manager, Private Fund 

"Akshay and Tenhaven play in a different league."

"Their knowledge of the market is unparalleled. Their contacts are incredible".

"Utterly excellent".

Doing things differently.

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